ZePower is a LIME like rental play in the powerbank space. Their concept, already proven in China, is to place mobile and connected powerbanks in cafés, restaurants and shops. The users can take the powerbank with them and then drop them off at a different location. They pay a rental via a wallet which they top up.

ZePower will be launched first in Paris and then most likely a location in South America.

As the charging stations of the powerbanks are connected to the cloud and the powerbanks themselves have a GSM chip, the whole process is IoT. Administrators of the service can view and manage all the powerbanks and power stations remotely.

KeenEye has worked with ZePower since the inception of the project, to create userflows of both – the web admin and the user application. The backend API is developed in NodeJS and resides on Alibaba Cloud, the frontend web in ReactJS the frontend mobile in ReactNative.