Internet of Things (IoT)
We make IoT happen

IoT can transform your products into something more. Take your product to the next level connected, cloud based and smart. Don’t miss the opportunity to go IoT.. and be connected with your users.


KeenEye : IoT Solutions

Make your products cloud connected.
KeenEye has a deep understanding of how to take great products and make them connected. Our expertise covers medical devices, consumer electronics and automotive tools. Some of the products we are working on have tens of thousands of active users and were launched at CES.

To do IoT you need a strong multidisciplinary team, at KeenEye we have put together just such a team (CTO, DevOps, Creatives, Product Owners, Architects and developers). We are used to working with manufacturers who may be in production countries in Asia and with the product managers, design teams and marketing teams who are often in the US or Europe. Our team is comfortable bridging that gap and helping to design, develop and launch awesome products.

Case Studies

Check out real live IoT projects we are working on. Products that save lives in the medical field, products that make the roads safer and Uber like power banks.


We are firm believers and practitioners of Agile. Our Production team, and even our HR and Finance team use Jira and Trello to make processes much easier. Following are a few top technologies we are proficient in: