Cedar Electronics has a number of leading aftermarket automotive brands such as Cobra, Escort and Snooper. Their products go from Dash Cams to CBs to Walkie Talkies. The challenge for Cedar was to create a software layer to their hardware allowing people to use the data generated on the hardware devices on their mobiles or on the web.

KeenEye is helping to create that cloud based layer and the web and mobile front ends so that users can take a video from their dash cam, clip it, annotate it and then send it to the insurance company or authorities in the case of an accident for example. This makes the hardware much more useful for users as presently content needs to be downloaded manually and then uploaded to a PC. The solution KeenEye is building allows users to manage multiple users and manage their content directly on their phones.

Built on AWS and using a NodeJS backend and a ReactJS frontend as well as a native iOS and Android for the mobile frontend KeenEye has worked hand in hand with the manufacturers in China to make sure that the hardware syncs perfectly with the software.